Florida State MSI (Monthly Safety Inspection)

DOE Compliant MSI (Monthly Safety Inspection) for Florida School Buses

Yellows MSI Suite guides school bus inspectors through all Florida required checks and tests. It is perfectly modeled after your Florida State's Manual & Paper Form IF-2017 making it DOE Compliant. Inspection are performed electronically with precision, then stored, safeguarded and archived to a secured Cloud database.

Some new, useful features are the ability to take unlimited pictures and videos of deficiencies on each item. Yellows MSI presents a selection of predetermined words to assist inspectors with commonly used terms to describe deficiencies. Inspectors have the ability to write comments to identify a problem while performing the inspection. Inspections are monitored by the administration office of each district.

Yellows MSI - Mobile App

The MSI Mobile App replaces the traditional paper form If-2017 and pen. Guiding Inspectors thru intuitive and easy to use pages, inspections are error-free and omission-free. Watch our demo video!

Yellows MSI - Web Management Suite

After the inspection is performed by the Inspector using the Mobile App, the fleet manager views and manages inspections in the Web Management Suite. Watch our demo video!

How it Works

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